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Zubax product design
P2P platform
User-friendly UX design of the product, presented in a modern interface, allowed the product to go from the winning position and take a competitive position among the leading products in the niche.
Project info

P2P cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform.

Project objectives
  • We’ve improved the product by analyzing competitors and incorporating the best solutions from industry-leading companies.
  • A successful and modern branding solution, as stated by the project focus group, which made development and funding decisions.
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Logo from $420
Logo (re) designed for your company or a product. We design unique modern logos that fit the niche and stand out. You'll get several concepts to choose the one you consider best from
  • Logo
  • Presentation of concepts
  • Logoguide
  • Saving in different formats and sizes
  • Source files for editing
Visual identity from $700
Visual identity
We'll design a visual brand identity. Unique identity will allow your company to stand out and appear more professional modern than your competition.
  • Shared vision, visual positioning
  • Color & Font solutions, style-forming elements
  • Design of 3-5 corporate identity carriers
  • Style Presentation
  • Source files for editing
Brand & identity Style guide from $1000
Brand & identity Style guide
Brandbook is a complete identity guide. It contains the whole brand platform: business mission, goals & values, philosophy, etc. Brandbook contains all the info about the brand that is required for marketing specialists, company management & workers to utilize it. Style guide describes all the rules of identity usage.
  • Guideline
  • Visualization and description of items
  • Guidelines for printing and usage
  • Source files for editing
Presentation "About the Company" from $400
Presentation "About the Company"
Presentation and marketing kit are universal marketing tools that are used at meetings with partners and investors, meetings with founders and owners, as well as at trade shows. They help to conveniently and clearly present to the end user or a partner company's product or service.
  • Presentation
  • Web- or Print-ready files
  • Source files for editing
Landing page design & development from $3000
Landing page design & development
Quite a lot of our clients have their own design department, however, they reach us when it comes to top-notch quality premium web design. For companies, we do not just create flowing websites, we create working internet tools, which not only look cool and modern, but also fulfill the business objectives, as well as set you apart from your competitors.
  • Website structure solution
  • Unique responsive website design
  • Flexible HTML & CSS website markup
  • Front-End functionality
  • Back-End functionality
  • Animation solution and diverse effects
  • Admin dashboard and usage manual
User interface & experience design (UX/UI) from $2500
User interface & experience design (UX/UI)
We'll design a convenient and aesthetic interface solution to deliver a delightful experience and joy to your users. We'll research and analyze the market to deliver you a solution that will help your customers find you
  • Product Architecture Analysis
  • Interface structure design (UX solution)
  • User interface design
  • Front-End-ready files delivery
  • Figma source file
Corporate collateral and promotional materials from $300
Corporate collateral and promotional materials
We create materials to cover diverse business needs. Developed materials can accelerate the work of the management team, strengthen the company's image, accelerate feedback from the client, as well as simplify the entry of the client and increase sales.
  • Materials design
  • Preparing for print / web use
  • Source files for editing
Social media channels branding from $250
Social media channels branding
Social media channels represent your company as well as your website. We will create a concept and design your social networks in the company's corporate style. We will develop the necessary templates for their maintenance.
  • Social media channels branding
  • Post templates
  • Initial set of posts
  • The source file for self-posting.
3D design and visualization for offices from $2000
3D design and visualization for offices
The workspace for your colleagues sets up the mood and the way you work. A proper interior design solution can make the most efficient use of your workspace and inspire people to get results. It's always better to work in a cozy office with a comfortable workplace. This adds energy and motivation. Besides, it also boosts your employees' loyalty.
  • Interior design
  • High-quality visualization and 3D tour
  • Blueprint package
  • Documentation package for materials and furniture
Content design
Content design
We develop content for your companies and products. We work with 2D and 3D graphics, 3D visualization, video and photo content, infographics and diagram development, illustration and character design.
  • Content design
  • Source files for editing

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        Timeline for the “Startup” package
        Min. workaround time – 15 days
        Max – 22 days
        Preparational stage 1 day
        Analytics and marketing 2-4 days
        Project discussion, briefing, details clarification, agreement 1-2 days
        Concepts and prototypes creation 5-7 days
        Implementation of the project 5-7 days
        Final check and delivery 1 day
        Timeline for the "Company" package
        2 days Preparational stage
        3-6 days Analytics and marketing
        2-4 days Project discussion, briefing, details clarification, agreement
        12-16 Concepts and prototypes creation
        25-40 Implementation of the project
        1-2 days Final check and delivery
        Min. workaround time – 45 days
        Max – 70 days
        Timeline for the "Niche frontrunner" package
        3 days Preparational stage
        from 7 days Analytics and marketing
        3-5 days Project discussion, briefing, details clarification, agreement
        from 20 days Concepts and prototypes creation
        from 40 days Implementation of the project
        3-5 days Final check and delivery
        Min. workaround time – 80
        Max – 105
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